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Username: shalunov
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 10:16 PM GMT
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Subject: Don't give .com (or any TLD) to Verisign (or any other commercial entity)


        I believe that the experiment with a commercial entity acting as a registrar has shown rather conclusively that commercial entities will abuse the power given to them to obtain profits.  That's what "commercial" is about--obtaining profits.

Using something that was not created by Verisign to give it a new source of revenue is an outrageous notion.  Since traditionally just a single root exists for DNS (let's forget about dot.GOD for a second since nobody is using them), registering domains under it cannot be a source of revenue for a single company.

It's like as if a state decided to hire a commercial entity to manage driver's license system--FOR PROFIT.

There can be no competition here, since we only have one DNS root, hence market mechanisms won't work.  We'll be ripped off, we'll be spammed, our data will be used for marketing purposes, and they won't answer to operational complaints.

I am outraged, and I strongly urge ICANN to give operational control of the central registrar for all TLDs to non-commercial entities committed to keeping the system fair for everyone.

--Stanislav Shalunov, Internet2 - Internet Engineer


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