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Username: imp
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 10:20 PM GMT
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Subject: Chris Grady is Right.  Go read RFC 951.


               Chris is right.  RFC 931, which has been in effect since 1984, specifically states that .ORG is a catch all for all things not in other places.  People have literally millions of dollars invested in thier current domains.  Taking them away will result in a lot of unhappy people and will likely result in much legal action against ICANN in their ill-conceived attempt to "take" the domains from people.  Yes, I realize that domains are registered for a period of time, but courts have taken an increasing view that domain names are property or behave like property and have rights much like property rights.  With over 2.6 million domains in the .org domain right now, your actions will almost certainly result in a huge class action law suit.  Even if the atterneys could get $1 or $10 per domain, that presents a very large pot of gold that some will  go after.  If common sense is not motivation enough to keep .org the way it is, then purhaps the potential of a large monitary judgement against ICANN will be enough to wake them up to the wisdom, or lack there of, of this decision.

ICANN should establish a .NPO if it wants to have a more restrictive, prove you are a non-profit organization that has been incorporated and qualifies for various tax exempt status.  Leave .ORG alone.


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