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Username: Plasticbag
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 10:31 PM GMT
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Subject: .org domains prime home for creative sites


This is another note to argue against the 'reclamation' of .org
domain names. The territory of .org has become - whether for
right or wrong - a repository of creative work on the internet
generated by individuals and organisations, artists and
designers. To penalise these people by removing their domain
names, and hence their web presence - indeed online
IDENTITIES - is an astonishingly crass and destructive move.
And the most irritating thing about it is that it makes no sense!
Are .com's only for registered businesses? .net's only for service
providers, web hosts, and network technicians?

Fair enough, as new domains are created, it makes perfect
sense to try to legitimise and organise the TLDs as much as is
humanly possible, but the mix of different sites using all the
three main currently available TLDs is too well established to
warrant a root and branch reform of them.  It's time for ICANN to
accept that whatever the advantages towards rationalising the
system, the cost to the individual or collective creative presence
(both in terms of set-up fees and reregistrations, plus the loss of
identity / branding / reknown and the absence of suitable domain
alternatives either due to heavy TLD colonisation on .net & .com)
on the web is too great to bear.

And that's ignoring the impact this could have on search
directories, and the degradation of the quality of hyperlinks
across the whole internet. The idea is disasterous.



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