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Username: cheetham
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 11:26 PM GMT
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Subject: .ORG changes


                     As the holder of two .org domains, I'm quite concerned about the potential limitation to incorporated non-profit organizations.  Not only does the legal definition of "non-profit organization" vary a great deal between nation-states, but the creation of such organizations often requires an unacceptable legal and financial burden that far exceeds the cost of the domains.

     In my own case, I operate an extensive, widely used, non-profit, educational web-site, but I don't have the income to justify applying for 501.3C status nor do I have the time to do the required additional tax returns, board meetings, and other trappings of incorporation.

     I am thoroughly opposed to people squatting on .org domains, but I'm sure there must be other ways to ensure the domains are used as intended.

Robert Cheetham


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