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Username: missamichan
Date/Time: Thu, March 1, 2001 at 11:51 PM GMT
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Subject: ICANN's cozy deal with Network Solutions


        ICANN likes to paint itself as tough and neutral, but dumping this sweetheart deal with Network Solutions reeks of something else.

Network Solutions has repeatedly shown itself to be an unworthy participant in the domain name business.  Why ICANN wants to give them  carte blanche on the .com TLD is beyond me.  What happened to free and open competition?  Why is ICANN giving Network Solutions all these free favours?  I've got a better idea; Give Network Solutions nothing.  Make them play on a level playing field.  Enough "favours."

My contempt for ICANN now has no bounds.  Network Solutions act like a bunch of gansters, but who do you have more contempt for?  The criminal, or the corrupt cops who let them get away with it.  ICANN, you suck. Your board members should either be fired for incompetance, or jailed for being on the take. You tell me which.

I think its time for a concerted campaign against ICANN. They must be stopped. We already paid the price once when a backroom deal gave Network Solutions a plump government contract without going to tender. We have to stop the scumbags at ICANN from doing it again.

ICANN = scum that must be stopped. So lets stop them!


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