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Username: jzittrain
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 12:31 AM GMT
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Subject: .org


                        I think that the proposed agreement with VeriSign should foreclose the prospect of closing the .org domain in any way.  Not only are there vested expectations among those who registered -- indeed, were encouraged to register by NSI when it was the only registry for open gTLDs -- but RFC 1591 specifically contemplated the .org would be open:

  from -
    ORG - This domain is intended as the miscellaneous TLD for
          organizations that didn't fit anywhere else.  Some non-
          government organizations may fit here.

Instead of postponing a decision about .org to a later consensus notice-and-comment process, the commitment should be made now to keep it open; there's always a way, as suggested elsewhere in this forum, to create a .npc TLD for non-profit corporations.  But to seize any existing registrations as they come up for renewal because they no longer retroactively meet new criteria for .org inclusion seems unfair, and a windfall to whomever could later claim the name (and its traffic) once it had been seized.  ...JZ



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