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Username: pilot6
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 1:02 AM GMT
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Subject: ICANN?  Verisign?  I Must Need Glasses, It's Hard To Tell The Difference


                Well, it seems at least several of the ICANN Directors are lackeys for Verisign.  That's to be expected.  Without Verisign/NSI on board, the ICANN Directors would probably be flying coach instead of business class, and eating @ Mickey D's instead of @ the hotel restaurants, among other things.  The fault lies here:


Feel free to add to this list if you like.

And special shame on Linda Wilson, who was president (or some other nonsense) of Radcliffe College for 10 years, for allowing the ICANN Directors to blast Leah Gallegos's .BIZ out of the sky.  How surreal to see one woman (Wilson) put the shaft to another (Gallegos). One never quite gets used to that sight.  At this point, one expects the shaft from Roberts, Kraaijenbrink, and Touton, but from Wilson ... she really puts the "C" back in C--T.   How counterproductive to years of efforts encouraging Woman's Business Enterprises.  

There's a real thirdworld mentality on the Board. 



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