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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 1:09 AM GMT
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Subject: ICANN Mismanagement and Unlawfulness


        This proposal highlights what is fundamentally wrong with ICANN.

They do not care about the people using the Internet, just about big business.

.ORG domains often helps give people a voice - to speak out against injustice (like my SWIPO.ORG).

The authorities want to stop us - to deny us a voice. To stop free speech.

It is too late now to take peoples .ORG - this is very bad management and it is MOST unjust. But that is ICANN and WIPO all over. This is best shown by ICANN / WIPO Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

Before I start, bare in mind - domain names are NOT trademarks - ask Paul Mockapetris, creator of the Domain Name System.

I am sorry to have inform you of this, but the authorities have been feeding you all a load of bull*.

UDRP is a pathetic sick joke. Anybody with an Internet business will never be safe. Even after investing ALL into it, they could have their identity - the domain name - taken away from them. UDRP only gives certain trademarks an illegal dominant position and creates a 'cash cow' for the legal profession to milk. This is total imbecilic stupidity - there is a simple answer.

Nearly ALL trademarks share a COMMON WORD(s) with many others - even in same country. For example, in the case of etoy and eToys (e prefix for Internet) - 1,685 trademarks share COMMON WORD "toy" in USA alone. There are tens of thousands more of them in 200 other countries. They all cannot be or similar.

For the proper use of a trademark - It has to be set apart by special typeface or script. In addition, use identifier "tm" for an unregistered mark and "" for a registered mark.

Different companies can use the same name as trademark, in different classifications (food etc) - example, domino pizza and domino engineering.

Obviously, different companies, providing in different countries - example, domino engineering UK and domino engineering USA, can use the same name and class.

The authorities KNOW how to solve the problem of letting ALL trademarks use their name on the Internet.

When you go to uspto.GOV, you know this is genuine Government site - because of the Top Level Domain - .GOV. Having a TLD of .REG (or similar) for trademarks, acts as certificate of authentication, when people visit those sites.

I live in the UK and have been communicating with American DoC and the USPTO about this.

They did not deny that an identifier, like .REG, was required for trademarks on the Internet. As we know this is the case for proper use elsewhere, they could not.

They did not deny that a classification was required. As we know it is essential to identify it from many others of the same name, they could not.

They did not deny that a country code was required. As we know it is essential to identify country source that also have many similar names, they could not.

The format need be - ALL trademarks can use their name.

Therefore, would be domino pizza. As well as authentication, it is directory - easier than phone area codes. If you can use a phone - you can use .reg!

As for the other travesties of justice - like WIPO giving to the council. Do barcelona council own all books, brochures, literature, letters and maps with "barcelona" on it? Perhaps the authors of books making money about barcelona, give the royalties to the council? - I think not.

Please visit my site

It has no connection with, and wishes to be totally disassociated from WIPO.ORG. World Intellectual Property Organization are part of United Nations, paid for (owned?) by big business. They are a profit making organization. They make VAST profits for their friends in the legal profession. They also destroy the credibility of the UN. WIPO help bullying aggressors take peoples property and destroy free speech. All my considered and informed opinion.



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