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Username: ncc876
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 2:15 AM GMT
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Subject: Grandfather Existing .Org Domains


        I am the holder of an .org domain. The site is used for a personal
site describing myself and some of my interests, and also contains
links to other sites, some of which are in the .org domain and some of
which are not. As the .org domain is intended to carry domains that
don't fit anywhere else (I am a US citizen, but I am not an ISP or a
for-profit corporation/commercial interest), I chose to register my
domain in the .org space. No one has ever complained about my site,
its domain name, or made any sort of other protests. The site was
registered in good faith -- to this day, I don't know of any
trademarks that include the site's domain name, and I look around
occasionally. Even if one were to crop up, I have years of prior use
on the name in question to document my good-faith registration.

Arbitrarily canceling such .org registrations as mine would destroy,
as others have said, combined centuries of hard work. Many .org sites
have contributed in important ways to the development of the Net (am I
not posting on an .org site right now?) and are thus invaluable.
Furthermore, as others have also said, forcing the owners of .org
domains, who registered their domains in full compliance with their
registrars' policies, in good faith, and who have kept their domains
active and in everyday use, to abandon those domains and thus need to
be re-found by their leadership, is just not fair. How would Icann
feel if it were arbitrarily told "Oh, you can't use that domain
anymore. Shoo." after operating in good faith?

I am firmly against this change, not only in .org but in .net (though
not quite so strongly.) However, I do believe that the craze to
register in .com is going a bit far -- but suddenly changing the rules
of who can and cannot have a .com domain must, just as for .org, allow
current registrants to keep what they have.

I'll be extending the registration term on my .org for a good long while.


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