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Username: Populous
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 2:20 AM GMT
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Subject: Where is ICANN?


                Where is ICANN?  Are they already spending the money that they so readily accepted from Verisign? This is ridiculous.  They have not responded here at all!

I registered a .org that was my last name because I was neither a .com or a .net but a FAMILY organization.  Now the seemingly cowards at ICANN wish to steal this from me with seemingly untouchable status.
Well I am contacting my Congressman and Senator tomorrow to let them know that ICANN and the UN are incapable of protecting my rights as an AMERICAN citizen.
I am glad that the United States can still intervene on my behalf!

Also I am will speak to my attorney to see what I can do to launch PERSONAL lawsuits against members of the IPO.  I would rather have $50,000 dollars from a single person than $1,000,000 from an organization.   These people are thieves and should be held personally responsible for the damages caused by careless actions.

Also there are several .org domains that I purchased from Network Solutions.  When I purchased these Network Solutions was advertising, Secure your identity online, buy the .net and .org too!  Well, I did that with 3 domains and now Verisign/ICANN is trying to steal that from me.  I am sure they are making money from this scam and I will expect money in return, from the INDIVIDUALS who are doing this.

I am interested in any response from the cowards of ICANN.  My representatives may also be interested.   : )

Thank-God the US Government still cares a little about what I paid for! 




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