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Username: unordained
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 3:15 AM GMT
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Subject: The hell?


Your rights as a taxpayer? -cough- We're talking about something we've all already made money off of. We're the richest nation. We've got all the cool toys... and we still want to make money off of this before the rest of the planet? Let the others have a chance. We're holding them down. The internet is a true source of opportunity for developing 3rd world countries trying to export the resources they -do- have. You may think they overcharge us, but just think about what 70 dollars is in other countries! ICANN isn't protecting our rights. ICANN is making money off of us because they can. You don't even get your own government to protect what you consider your 'rights' (I don't think that term actually means anything, but it's fun to talk about.)
Democracy is a fallacy. Only a unanimous vote can be considered fair.       


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