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Username: wseltzer
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 3:16 AM GMT
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Subject: Why not a new gTLD?


Instead of retrofitting .org, why not open a new TLD specifically for non-commercial sites?  I wholeheartedly agree that we need more non-commercial namespace, where fan sites and critics alike can be free from accusations of cybersquatting.  That end need not come at the expense of .org, however.  A new non-profit TLD could add diversity without displacing existing .org-anisms and undermining the vested expectations of those already in .org domains. 

At this date, it seems to me that too many individuals and organizations have invested in sites identified with .org domains, as encouraged not only by the catch-all description in the RFCs but by Network Solutions itself (as in " is not available, but would you like or" and "while you're buying, why not buy as well?").  For better or for worse, we've been encouraged to think of domain names as proprietary identifiers, and trying to revoke existing .orgs can only generate confusion and anger.

A "clean" space, on the other hand, could operate by different rules, make clear from its inception that its domain strings were not source identifiers for commerical products, and become recognized as the cyberspace locale for non-commerical activities.  There is plenty of room in the namespace for a new gTLD, such as .nfp, to coexist with the current .org which should remain open as-is.



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