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Username: DarkPhiber
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 3:20 AM GMT
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Subject: Verisign/NSI must **NOT** have more control!!


        ICANN exists to dilute the extreme power and influence Verisign/NSI has wielded.  You CANNOT allow them to maintain the control and influence they have.  NSI continues to exploit its power in various inappropriate (and possibly illegal) ways.  They are engaging in false advertising regarding domain renewals; restructuring their web site to force users to not be made aware of their choices or pricing options, even within their own business.  And let's not talk about the illegal tax NSI levied on everyone online in the early years - a tax that was ruled illegal and was never reimbursed to the people from which they pilfered.

If ICANN approves the ongoing monopolization of the dot-com database by Verisign and its cronies, we will mount a campaign to have everyone in ICANN removed for being completely ineffective in addressing the serious problems we have with inappropriate management of the domain name system.



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