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Username: FineE
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 3:23 AM GMT
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Subject: Why domains must be treated as property that can be mortgaged


      The many comments in this forum on the .org issue indicate the importance of protecting the property rights of a domain registrant. Apart from the celebrated sales of .com domains for millions of dollars we have seen here the many reasons why even the "lowly" .org is worthy of this kind of protection. The value of traffic to a web site is well established one need only take a look of the price per click for popular keywords on pay per click search engines. And the fact that the property is being used by a non profit organization must not be used to diminish those rights

And now for a suggestion. Allow the registration of one or more "charges" against a domain registration in the central registry. For example to secure the rights of a lender who has advanced funds on the security of a domain registration. In other words a mortgage against a domain. This can also be used to register for example a judgement against a domain etc.



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