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Username: dananderson
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 3:27 AM GMT
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Subject: Worst Idea Ever, go figure, it came from ICANN


                Restricted TLDs are bad.

The only reason I can see why ICANN is determined to use them is to get into bed with the would be monopolies that want to control them.

What we need is unrestricted - unrestricted TLDs, and let any registrar register both new TLDs and domains within the TLDs.

This is NOT a technical issue, TLDs are really not that much harder to setup then normal domains.  Their existance is not and would not be a burden.  Why doesn't ICANN put away their personal goals and SERVE the global Internet community instead of being puppets controlled by the corporations, intellectual property mafia, and registrar gang.

Simply allow anyone to add whatever top level domains they want, hell, crank up the price to a few hundred bucks to help with root server expenses.  Once the new TLD is in place then allow anyone who wants to have a domain in it do so, and let them purchase it from ANY registrar, the competition would ensue, prices would come down, supply and demand, it would be beautiful! 

Even the intellectual property people couldn't complain, Coke could get www.coke and not stupidly think that to protect their trademark they would have to buy every incarnation of *coke* in the system.

If we continue to artifically place restrictions on TLDs we are fools.

Dan "Been doing this since it was a hosts file" Anderson


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