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Username: unordained
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 3:41 AM GMT
Browser: Konqueror/2.0 using X11
Score: 5
Subject: err, that.


        i'm not putting tld's themselves into question... it's the sense of splitting them first into major american ones (you have to admit that com, net, and org (and gov and edu) are rather english-oriented) then into international extensions... is rather foolish in itself. did they have no clue that the internet would grow so much as to render those quaint differences pointless? did they really think that the world is only made up of businesses, services, schools, governments, and ... oh wait, .org is for "everyone else"... doh, forgot =) Still, they've shown a lack of foresight in their continued use of so few names, on a first-come-and-paid-basis... it's really quite sad... (yes, I do know about the tree... linux/w2k user...)


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