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Username: dananderson
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 3:56 AM GMT
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Subject: You're right


                >i'm not putting tld's themselves into question... it's the sense of
>splitting them first into major american ones (you have to admit
>that com, net, and org (and gov and edu) are rather english-
>oriented) then into international extensions... is rather foolish in
>itself. did they have no clue that the internet would grow so much
>as to render those quaint differences pointless?

Yes, overall they had no clue I believe.  Some had a feeling that what they were building would be huge, but it just kinda grew and some basic rules were made, and until now they worked well enough, kinda like why does IP4 have such a small address space.  And yes, it is horribly American-oriented right now.

>did they really think that the world is only made up of businesses,
>services, schools, governments, and ... oh wait, .org is
>for "everyone else"... doh, forgot =)

For the first few years the organizations who were on the internet fit into such nice neat categories.

>Still, they've shown a lack of foresight in their continued use of
>so few names, on a first-come-and-paid-basis... it's really quite
>sad... (yes, I do know about the tree... linux/w2k user...)

Amen.  Especially considering the HUGE advances in technology since these decisions were made.  Then they made sense, TLDs allowed you to have a and a and a instead of limiting the world to one machine called linux.  Now we could have a .linux and you could reasonably believe that 90% of the content within it would be linux related without draconian rules to meet to qualify for it (Like .pro, I consider myself a professional, but strangely enough some 3rd party can say I have no right to a domain in .pro).  You plant your flag where your customers/visitors can find you.  The only reason all porn isn't already in a .sex TLD is that ICANN hasn't made a new one and there was not an old one.


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