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Username: Alexander Svensson
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 12:48 AM GMT
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Subject: About VeriSign deal critique here


I've now read part of the posts here. A major issue is obviously the future of .org, but then there are a lot of messages criticizing ICANN for giving VeriSign too much control (;3A9F625B00000100,;3A9F4040000000F7,;3A9F307D000000EF,;3A9F118C000000D9 ...).

Please keep in mind that there are *existing* agreements in which the US Department of Commerce played an important role. It would helpful to find out *which* of the options -- old deal or new deal -- is preferable, but there is simply no way to just take away .com from VeriSign before 2007 unless there are proven violations of the signed agreements. If you don't like the new deal, do you prefer the old deal? (Your choice, but it seems a lot of people just say "I want something completely different" and offer no way of achieving this. If you propose a modification to the existing agreements, then both parties -- i.e. also VeriSign -- have to agree.)

A. "As is":
-- VeriSign has to sell Network Solutions
-- VeriSign remains com/net/org operator until 2007,
    may get a renewal, may litigate if not
-- Special ICANN cost recovery scheme unlike
    other gTLD registry operators

B. "The deal":
-- Network Solutions has to become separate subsidiary,
    but still owned by VeriSign; operational firewall
    has to remain
-- VeriSign remains .org operator until end of 2002,
    endows the non-commercial sponsoring organization
    taking over .org (US$ 5 million and 1 year free
    .org resolution services)
-- VeriSign remains .net operator until end of 2005,
    then .net may be reassigned to other registry op's
-- VeriSign remains .com operator until end of 2007
    and presumably (but not certainly) after that
-- ICANN cost recovery scheme like other gTLD registry

Best regards,
/// Alexander


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