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Username: Populous
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 12:56 AM GMT
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Subject: You need to read more......


      jgestiot  said:

The Internet belongs to the world, not to the US. You have no right and no claim over the management of the network. Now, that may be something that you do not agree with but it is reality.
If you do not want your taxpayers dollars to go to other countries, ask Congress to outlaw foreign aid.
America has never had the faintest idea as to what REAL democracy is and it would be unwise to trust them with the Internet. I'm not going to give you a crash course in history and politics but reading Chomsky is a good start.

I say:

How so does the Internet belong to the world?  The world uses the Internet but I think it is a mistake to give the world CONTROL of the Internet.  ICANN is a prime example of what is happening when we relinquish control of a good project.

France is not in favor of free speech or freedom of thought.  I am an American and do not wish to follow France’s laws.  I as an American Taxpayer helped pay for the development and implementation of the Internet and wish MY rights to be enforced.
I am not against the world on the Internet, I think it is good, but I am opposed of relinquishing control over the Internet precisely because of stupid decisions like ICANN is considering making.  

Also I question whether we should let it go because of cases like this:
My solution to this would be to delete the .FR database and make it illegal for the French to access the Internet.  If France cannot enforce it’s own laws do not expect American companies to do it for them.  Also it is not Yahoo’s fault that many French people in WWII were better Nazi’s than the Nazi’ were.  The Vichy government was really helpful in ferreting out for extermination people to hand over to the Germans.  The French Government may try to cover this up in France but I have not forgotten. 

Please see the below links, I notice that ICANN is answering to American Government officials, not those of other countries.  Why?  Because the US still owns it.



Link: ICANN answers to Americans

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