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Username: oolon
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 1:24 PM GMT
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Subject: This proposal sinks.


        While it does not supprise me than ICANN have selected his proposel. Network Solutions was supposed to be "encurraged" to slip the restry and registrar businesses. However obviously  does not want to get rid of its cash cow, which gives it an unfair advantage to other registrars.

Phase 1 Lets read a little more into this out of the goodness of its heart it is giving up one of the TLDs .org, gosh thanks guys drop the with least returns.

Phase 2 Tie up .org with heavier restrictions than ever before, and kick existing people out, so they need to find a new home... perhaps sir would like a .com or a .net? and Guess who will be controlling them... Yup verisign. Dam your clueless ICANN

This all seems like a sweet deal to verisign, ICANN for gods sake show some backbone for one in your life.

1) Offer them .net and .org and see if there message changes at all.
2) Offer a competitive bidding process. ICANN you complain you have no cash but verisign are racking it in DOES THIS TELL YOU SOMETHING?
Din't like competitive bidding? Hold a beatuty contest, to find the one offering the best service, wow that would be a change!

I have no doubt you will not listen to the public on this one and ICANN will accept the deal after "public consultantion" on your head be it, and I hope one day we will be in the position to judge you, a right you took away from us by reducing the @large representation, then trying to stack the candidates. Atleast your candidate stacking failed.

One more question for who do you feel you are running the domain name system? The Users of the Internet or Corporations. If you accept this "deal" you will have made your choice and this one will be alot harder to back track on.


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