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Username: Populous
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 1:45 PM GMT
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Subject: Rights not dollars


        unordained said:

Your rights as a taxpayer? -cough- We're talking about something we've all already made money off of. We're the richest nation. We've got all the cool toys... and we still want to make money off of this before the rest of the planet? Let the others have a chance. We're holding them down. The internet is a true source of opportunity for developing 3rd world countries trying to export the resources they -do- have. You may think they overcharge us, but just think about what 70 dollars is in other countries! ICANN isn't protecting our rights. ICANN is making money off of us because they can. You don't even get your own government to protect what you consider your 'rights' (I don't think that term actually means anything, but it's fun to talk about.)
Democracy is a fallacy. Only a unanimous vote can be considered fair.

I say:

Please tell me how we have ALL already MADE money off the Internet?  Please be specific.  You have an opinion and you should be able to defend it.

I am not concerned about making money off of it, what does concern me is that MY rights are taken care of.  I do not want the Taliban controlling the Internet.  I have no problems with Muslims but I am not a Muslim and do not want to live according to Muslim law.  The same goes to Christian laws.  I want my RIGHTS protected.  I think it is a small price to ask since the American Taxpayer paid the way for this. 

Also I do not pay $70.00 to register, I pay around $10.00 to register (Per Year) and I use German and French Registrars, not overpriced American ones. 

I do not mind “third world” (Why separate them from any other country you bigot?) countries using the Internet.  What I am opposed to is losing my rights to free speech because some other Gov’t does not like what I am saying about them in America.  The Chinese Government already has laid claim to the ownership of the Chinese language and feels it should be the ONLY registrar for Chinese domain names.  I do not think the American Gov’t will let that happen but I do think that ICANN and the UN would bend over backwards to MAKE it happen.  You know what happens then? People who do not play by the Chinese Governments rules of speech do not get a free speech outlet.   I encourage you to post more about how you think that other countries may serve the world best.  I need the laugh.



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