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Username: mccalli
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 2:25 PM GMT
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Subject: Personal .org's - proposed resolution process


                As the owner of, which is certainly not for profit, I support the removal of profit-making organisations from the .org domain. These should have been placed in the .com domain in any case.

However, I entirely oppose the removal of .org from non-profit 'entities'. That is, any entity which does not make a profit - in my case,, which is a simple family homepage and which provides me with a permanent email address, regardless of ISP. I believe has been mentioned in this forum - that too is a domain which generates no profit, although it is not a 'personal' domain in the same sense that is.

My use of .org complies with the original RFC. The circumstances I describe above are a long way from unique - many people here will have registered a .org address for their personal use.

I propose that a global resolution process be adopted. An owner has the right to the domain until a complaint is made. The complaint can succeed only on the basis that a .org domain can be proven to generate profit. In such circumstances, the domain is allowed to expire (ie. -not- immediately removed) without the possibility of renewal.

In all other cases, the .org domain should be allowed to stand.



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