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Username: andyf
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 2:48 PM GMT
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Subject: ICANN must stop licking Verisign's boots!


        The 2 recent agreements with Verisign are absolutely intolerable.

First of all, to extend this corporation's monopoly on the .com and .net domains for 4 YEARS is unacceptable. Why were proposals from other companies not considered?

Second of all, it is ludicrous to ask all owners of .org domains to give them up if they are not a non-profit organization. It is Network Solutions' (Verisign's) direct responsibility that the .org domains are not all registered to non-profits. They actively encourage people to register domains in this TLD. Even now, if you enter in a domain name in their registration process, it presents you with the .org option without explaining that it is intended for non-profits.

The timing on the decision to start enforcing this is just a bit too convenient. It seems to be a blatant anti-competitive move on their part to prevent this TLD from competing with their own .com and .net TLDs once .org is out of their hands.

The fact that ICANN gets a huge portion of its budget from Verisign is obviously biasing this decision. It's time for ICANN to get out of bed with Verisign. We need an independent group deciding such important matters.



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