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Username: unquiet
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 3:19 PM GMT
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Subject: I've had my .org a long time.


I registered back when the understanding was that .com was for commercial companies and .net was for ISPs and such. I was (am) not a non-profit organization, just a guy who wanted a domain for my creative writing and other fun stuff. There was no TLD for individuals so .org was the best fit. It was InterNIC that screwed up the system in the first place, giving .coms to non-companies and non-profits (, and handing .nets and .orgs to whoever, willy-nilly, so that private individuals ability to parody and criticize companies ( has largely been taken away.

( was used to to parody PETA and Why did they have it in the first place? Then was taken from their critic and given to PETA.) (Even - an ISP - had to hand rights over to VW, the company.)

I have since also acquired a .com - also for writing - because it seemed to be the only way to be taken seriously.

So now someone wants to fix a small part of the system, iex post facto/i, by kicking .org-holders off if we aren't registered as non-profits. The mistakes were made a long time ago and trying to fix it now would BF a lot of people ... and you still haven't provided a TLD strictly for individuals. Why? [Could it be because ICANN is nothing but a bunch of corporate lackeys who don't even remember that individuals might want to use the Net to publish?]

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for selling the soul of the Internet to the corporations. If ICANN continues with this plan, it will look more like clueless morons than it already does.


Link: Cybersquatting Double Standard

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