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Username: Populous
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 4:27 PM GMT
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Subject: I disagree


        I have to disagree with you.  .Org was not originally thought of as being for official non-profit organizations but a catch-all.  Also when purchased a .com through network solutions they sent me an E-Mail urging me to register the .net and .org TO PROTECT MY COMPANIES IDENTITY.  Well this was clearly an invitation from Network Solutions to misuse the .net and .org addresses.  Also why can I not make money through a .org?  I know of a number of supposedly non-profit organizations that spend more money on employees than on the supposed objective of their organization.  They can be VERY profitable organizations.  Also say I had a company called Zeus, inc. Well I registered the .org since the .com and .net were taken.  Now in a vast sweeping mindless decision ICANN is going to take what I legally own and have invested in because they are getting money under the table to line their own pockets?  These people are scumbags and I have written my Congressman and Senator this morning to have them slam these greedy bastards.  Glad the US Government still can put a hand in this to protect me from these creeps.



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