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Username: Populous
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 5:42 PM GMT
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Subject: You are ranting


Who gives a shit about France? And since you come up with twisted facts, let me correct them. *snip*

Well I was just using France as an example of a non-US country that is the reason that the US should keep control over the Internet.

In your original post you said:

‘nor do I believe the control by the USA over everything that is dot something should be accepted. ‘

I do not care if you accept it.  I do not care if you accept that the sky is blue or that birds can fly.  My point is that it benefits me most by my Government keeping control of it. 

*snip*France has never sought to make a US company enforce its law. All it has done is make the French arm of a US company comply with its laws within its jurisdiction. Big difference. *snip* 

No, what France wanted was for Yahoo to filter out French users.  It is not illegal for an American company to sell WWII German memorabilia but it is illegal for a French person to buy it.  So what France should do is punish the people who are buying this stuff since it is illegal.  How is Yahoo supposed to know if a person is in France or not?? If they do how do they stop the French from getting Swiss ISP’s? 

The Vichy Government was corrupt, but was it more corrupt than the Clinton Administration? What's the difference between protecting the nazis and burying iraqis alive in the desert? *snip*

First off the Vichy government did not just protect Nazi’s but they hunted down and sent Jews among other people to death camps.  They did this well BTW upping the body count of the holocaust.  As for burying Iraqi’s alive in the desert I am not sure what you are talking about, maybe you can be more specific and also note a source or two?

As a US citizen you have not paid "for the development and implementation of the Internet", you have paid for an attempt to hijack it and it is failing.

How so?? Maybe you can tell me where the Internet came from?  Again be specific. 
: )

You belong to a funny breed of people who cry foul when software is copied by the Chinese but you have no problem pinching the seeds of plants from India which took hundreds of years of development to perfect. *snip*

I do not agree with that.  But if they are legally purchased or even given to Americans I see no reason that Americans should not be able to use them.

In other words, you make your Disneyland copyright laws and you are not interested in a true debate over REAL ownership. No wonder you are here ranting about your taxes. That's all you are capable to see.

No, I am very interested in talking about specifics, not generalizations and propaganda. If you wish to be specific I will discuss things with you, but I doubt when you get down to specifics you can defend your points.  If you even know any specific facts that is.

Finally, I said here before that I do not recognise the authority of ICANN. I do not recognise the way it was constituted and the corrupt way it has been operating ever since.

Well I do not agree with ICANN nor do I like it.  They are corrupt, lazy and incompetent.  That being said I do recognize their authority and you obviously do to or you would not be here.  My solution is for my Government to take control of this process so that there can be full accountability.



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