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Username: Wayne Tyson
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 6:13 PM GMT
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Subject: Proposed Revisions to VeriSign Agreements--Fiduciary Responsibilities


        Honorable fellow victims:
      ICANN and all of its authorized companies have the responsibility to "act in good faith."  Network Solutions (and a confusing complex of "straw" companies) likewise urged me to protect my "dot-coms" by registering "dot-orgs" and "dot-nets."  I complied in good faith.  I have a skyscraper pile of "correspondence" wherein the folks at their end repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedly (ad nauseam) persist in refusing to address absurdly simple requests, such as for a balance-sheet statement on my account.  Sometimes they simply do not reply. 

The cost is not "peanuts" to a "garage web-entrepenuer," but the far bigger impact is that the time and absorption of mental energy that must be diverted to no real end is crucial. 

You're damned right I will let my .nets and .orgs expire!  But is this a "buyer beware" or a "fiduciary responsibility" situation. 

I don't expect perfection, and I don't want to sponsor a class-action lawsuit or even participate in one.  But---what's the alternative? 

Funny, but I'm not angry.  I really believe that all should be given an opportunity to clean up their act.  But the issue is generic, so the solution is to give it a generic solution that will quickly leave all injured parties "whole."  NOW. 

I believe a major problem is one of management.  There simply is no way that a customer can bump up his problem past the worker-bee, who has got to protect his or her job at any cost to the customer.  No grievance procedure.  Hell, I don't want to hang some poor slave (unless he or she is the true bottleneck, the true stonewall) that is thrown to us tigers while the cream-skimmers cruise the Carribean.  I also understand that hand-holding every damned customer would break the company fast.  But sensible management could solve this quickly by analyzing a sampling of individual cases and acting proactively. 

I've left out the details--mercifully. 



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