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Username: DrVassar
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 7:48 PM GMT
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Subject: Chris Grady Makes Perfect Sense


        I completely agree with everything Chris Grady just said.

ICANN's actions are similar to a Government setting aside land for a wildlife preserve, abandoning any regulation and protection of that land, actually promoting the development of it, then returning after it has developed into a prospering and thriving city and telling eveyone they have to abandon their land and buildings so we can tear everything down and return it back to normal. Oh, and by the way "we will not compensate you for your troubles". ICANN's decisions could  probably be re-produced by lab monkeys pressing random buttons.

ICANN is in need of phsycological treatment because this is the thinking of a crazy person.

I agree with Chris Grady 100%. Start a new top level domain and do it right from the start. Nobody gets hurt and more importantly the lawyers DON'T get rich.

Start .NPO  !!!

Dr. Vassar


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