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Username: fmouse
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 7:59 PM GMT (Fri, March 2, 2001 at 1:59 PM CST)
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Subject: .org co-option


                As a registered user of several .org domains and web host for a number of customers with .org domains I'm apalled at the idea of recalling this TLD and assigning it only to registered non-profit corporations.  This was never the intent of Jon Postel and other founders of the Internet as laid out in RFC 1591 and others which established precidents and protocols for the domain name system.

Every computer club and professional organization to which I belong has a .org domain.  None of them are NPOs.  The same is true all over the USA.  Revocation of the right to use .org will leave these organization with nowhere to go, and will cause immeasurable chaos in the internet communications on which many current legitimate users of .org domains have come to rely.

A far better approach by ICANN to the legitimate goal of making TLDs actually mean something would be to revoke the use of .org domains by for-profit corporations, many of whom are simply squatting on .org domains to protect their SLD from being used at all.  A better idea would also be the creation of .npo or other TLD specifically for non-profit corps.  Taking the step of revoking the use of existing TLDs for many thousands of organizations currently relying on them would be a monumental exercise in Bad Judgement and would completely destroy my faith in ICANN as a competent caretaker of the domain name system.

The whole idea of .org revocation and reassignment only to NPOs smacks of back-room politics and has the smell of Big Money.  Any for-profit corp which wants a .org domain need only pay the required fees to set up a non-profit subsidiary and they'll be able to scoop up all the .org domains they want.  Families, social clubs, computer user groups, and others without the resources required to formally register with their state governments as corporations will be left out in the cold!  This looks like just another step toward making the Internet safe for Big Business at the expense of the rest of us.

As a good-faith user of .org domains, and IPP host for others, I am fully prepared to engage in whatever legal action is necessary to defend my rights and those of my customers to the use of their .org domains, whether or not they are registered 501c3 corporations or have any other 'official' status as non-profit corporations.

Lindsay Haisley
FMP Computer Services



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