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Username: A. Moulden
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 10:13 PM GMT
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Subject: "Valuable" domains:


The suggestion of changing the status or rules for acceptable use of domains within a TLD is sheer lunacy.

Site owners need quality domain names, suited to their purposes. We have paid $750 to acquire the rights to a .org domain and $6,000 to acquire the rights to a .net domain. In the case of the .net, it is a generic single word related to entertainment that is highly searched. It is not related to the intention detailed in RFC1591. When .org and .net domains became openly available to registration, many thousands of quality domains were registered, specifically because they were excellent site names.

If RFC1591 were now to be implemented, is it really anticipated that individual holders of domains of the quality of,, and other commercial terms would see their current or future businesses damaged? Would the owners of non network-provider services at domains like, and stand back while their domains were transferred to artificially titled ISPs?! What about "non-commercial" names like, or Are their holders to be given some arbitrary period to attempt to secure other domains that don't destroy their organisations?!

Are we prepared to see whois responses like this?

"We are sorry: has been deactivated. The following domains are available for registration:,,"

We have invested considerable amounts in acquiring the domains we need and will need; will we now be required to pay perhaps $60,000 to acquire our .net in .com because we intend to develop a commercial site? If only! In fact our entire business plan would die before it left the table because the corporation that is using the .com is not prepared to part with it. Domains are *that* important. ICANN would be opening itself up to legal action on an immense scale if the .org proposal goes through.

Andrew Moulden


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