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Username: jgestiot
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 12:58 AM GMT
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Subject: Try making sense


Your problem is that you start from the premise that the US is perfect and that it therefore has a God-given right to rule. There is a mountain of evidence suggesting the US cannot run a lemonade stand without oppression and corruption.

You say that you don't care about the world and that your only concern is your own benefit. That's the me-me-me syndrome. You have narrowed your mind to the size of your wallet and lost social conscience in the process. I am still capable to accept decisions against my best interest if it benefits the community at large. And I would hope there are many more people like me left in this world.

Re-Yahoo, you are ranting big time. There is absolutely no Court of law in France that would punish somebody for something totally outside his/her control. Get serious.

You say "I am very interested in talking about specifics" and yet when I raise the example of seeds from India, you conveniently snip it. Is this the American way?

Does the world really want to hand out control of the Internet to a country which has a long track record of selective enforcement of the United Nations resolutions, protecting Israel and puncing on Arab countries? You should dig a bit deeper in some of the investigative work independent people have done on the antics of your country. The US is very good at doing some really ugly things and covering it up with a blanket of PR bullshit spread over the docile corporate media. Remember the baby milk factory in Iraq? Well, it was a baby milk factory as independent investigators demonstrated. Remember the incubators that Saddam Hussein stole? When there never was any incubators stolen but we know today that a PR firm was paid $11 million to "manage" public opinion (ie create enough outrage so as to make the war possible). I am not making a judgement on whether the was with Iraq was warranted or not, it is just to illustrate that when to comes to accountability and telling the truth, there are many stories which clearly show the US government cannot be trusted. Another point is the rampant greed of corporations and their lack of ethics. The main instrument of world communication CANNOT be owned by cowboys who have no other purpose in life than ripping people off on the stockmarket by making their stock go up and down like a yoyo.

Where the Internet started is irrelevant. If you want to talk about where the Internet came from, talk about ALL the inventions over the centuries which made it possible, not just what you conveniently single out for your immediate purpose. Nobody woke up one morning and invented everything that is used today in making the Net a reality.

What really matters is what the internet IS, not where it originated from. And the Internet is NOT the USA and as each day goes by, more and more people outside the US get on the Internet. It will reach a point where America will be a small part of the Internet. So why should the US own it?

At the end of the day, you're just a drop in the ocean and I am here to remind you of this. If you want your own Internet, do what the French have done and start a Minitel. I am looking forward to this giant repository of American culture.

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