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Username: dtobias
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 4:12 AM GMT
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Subject: An asset?


Well, I'm against them applying excessively strict criteria retroactively (and think .org, by original intent, covered a broad range of noncommercial activities and shouldn't be limited just to government-registered nonprofits), but I also somewhat disagree that domains are absolutely owned as property either.  They are part of an addressing system, like street addresses and phone numbers.  Those things can and do get changed against the user's will on occasion, like when the city council decides to rename your street for some political reason, or the phone company introduces a new area code and makes you change.  This sort of thing shouldn't be done unless there's a really strong need, due to the disruption it causes, but it's not a violation of property rights.       

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