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Username: jgestiot
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 4:53 AM GMT
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Subject: Diagnosis: American


        You must be rather thick. The US has no legitimate right to control the Internet. End of story. Full stop. Anything else is ranting. There is equally no suggestion that the UN should administer it. The UN is totally undemocratic and handing out the Internet to an undemocratic organisation is going to make things worse.

Re the French, you are the one without fact. I have already told you and this is a fact that the French cannot impose their laws onto other countries. All they are doing is apply their laws within their jurisdiction, just like any other country. I cannot understand why you are singling them out. You have the right to walk in the street with a gun, now, I find that offensive that it happens in a modern society. However, it is the American people's right to do whatever they like within their own soil.

You are talking about the money your country is using on the Internet. That's because you are the biggest user. It's a user-pays system. But I have told you this is fading away. The user-pays side of the Internet has nothing to do with ownership. And if you want to get down and dirty on that one, tell me where your country got its wealth from. Would it be by raping the natural resources of third world countries by any chance? If you like the big picture, get the whole picture.

From what you say in your previous post, you have no idea what the Internet is. It's not something that you fit into a building and point to with an inflated chest saying "this is mine".

Don't talk about my ignorance, look at yours. The infrastructure of the Internet is mostly handled by private ventures. A lot of these ventures benefit from investments from non-US source. Don't tell me that you've gone around every corporation and worked out what proportion of their capital was US-based.

The Internet is magic because it brings dickheads like you into the open. With every single post you make a fool of yourself. You've talked about everything, including the French Vichy governerment, to avoid the core issues:

1) ICANN is unrepresentative
2) ICANN is undemocratic
3) The USA has no right to steel the control of the Internet. They must submit their so-called control to proper democratic processes.

Don't forget that in theory, America is a great democracy. In reality, it is, hmmmm, a little flaky in that department. It's the 7/11 of democracy, the convenience democracy. "Everyone is equal but we are little more equal than the others" should be your motto.


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