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Username: tekmage
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 5:04 AM GMT
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Subject: Please don't steal my family name; create .npo instead.


                Subject says it all.  I registered my family name so that people can find me and my family regardless of which ISP we use, where we are employed, or where we live.  If I have to become a "non-profit organization" just to keep my own name then so-be-it; I am not about to give up who I am just because of some ill-conceived, malicious changes being performed under the guise of "returning the .org registry to its original purpose."

I am not a commercial organization (.com) and I am not an ISP (.net).  As has been stated many times before, RFC1591 was the original criteria for TLD allocation.  If you want to reserve a TLD specifically for "non-profit organizations", why aren't you creating a new TLD called .npo?



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