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Username: msamolian
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 5:38 AM GMT
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Subject: This posting is about the unjustified confiscation of ones property. Is this not what is happening?


I've been a grade school history teacher for 13 years. I am also of Jewish descent. I have been watching the progression of ICANN for some time as what is currently going on with regards to information technology and the Internet is history in the making. I have aspirations of my teaching career lasting long enough to see this era become as integral a part of the history books as the Industrial age, if not more.

I've have never participated in these boards because I have never quite grasped the technology behind the domain name system, and have never found an appropriate time to add my two cents. Until now.

The parallel Chris seems to have drawn her is the unjustified taking of someone’s property and nothing more. If you read it, that's what it says. There's nothing revolting about him drawing this parallel.

I decided to finally post to these discussions because of one thing. What Chris said WAS EXACTLY WHAT HAS BEEN GOING THROUGH THE BACK OF MY MIND. I think he was very clear about what this posting is and, more importantly, is not about.

The only thing I find revolting about all of this are ICANNs actions and their apparent total lack of concern for the millions of existing parties who own .ORG domain names.

I don't see the need for the theatrics. We can all bury our heads if we want but the posting is right. Peoples rights are usually taken bit by bit. Remember the term "Those who don't know the history of man are doomed to repeat it."

Those of us, mostly in the United States, seem to take our freedoms for granted. We forget what happens when human beings obtain absolute power. Remember the phrase "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Wouldn't most here agree that ICANN has absolute unbridled power over a very valuable global resource? A resource which, if not handled carefully has the potential to cause tension on a global scale?

Many of us seem to easily forget about the millions who have died four our rights and freedoms.

Please, take your heads out of your shoeboxes and stop whining about how it makes your hair raise and tummies hurt to hear the words "NAZI Germany". It's the small incremental violations of our freedoms, such as taking our .ORG domain names away, that slowly escalate over long periods of time into a global problem. Before you know it, your sense rights and freedom has been numbed, and having  those rights and freedoms violated is something that millions grow to accept as the norm.

Chris Grady's posting is the only one that seems to represent a view broader than "Don't take MY domain name from ME." That does't offend me, it makes me hopeful.

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