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Username: sbenting
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 5:43 AM GMT
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Subject: What's the point?


> If you want a domain reserved for non-profits, make a new one.
Now there's a possible answer. (Although they've demonstrated a lack of
desire to create any new TLDs that don't have a serious profit
potential.  And catering to non-profits had BETTER not be such a
market.)  We've all been registering personal domains under .org
because we're neither network providers nor businesses.  I just
registered a personal address, and did the "right" thing by getting
one under .org.

If they're serious about taking away such domains (and the stories I've been reading don't make this clear -- it could be just that the new owners of .org cannot try to turn it into a new .com), ICANN will be attacking our 'Net identities.  Now, maybe they're talking about
clearing the businesses that use .org, and I can cut them some slack
on that since they've always had a clear home in .com.  But taking
away existing .org from personal users will just cause a serious
backlash -- and if ICANN can't see that coming, they're not thinking
clearly.  (And if they did see it coming but don't care, then they're
too arrogant to be running the system.)


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