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Username: illsleydc
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 8:44 AM GMT
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Subject: Simple way of making everyone happy


Its simple.

Redefine NPO so that anyone can register with ICANN or sone trusted
international public body. This registration can be simply an online
form that is binding for the truth and if it is a lie then the domain
would be reposessed without reparations. As an internet community we
can create a definition of NPO so that it is internationally fair and
respected by all. Personally I think that this would preclude
companies from owning .orgs in any way (I would put in place
restrictions to prevent "wholly owned" charities from qualifying).

Anyway, I think this provides a soulution, but I also think that we
need to do ICANN's job for it by developing this definition of NPO,
develop the rules and then get these proposals put to ICANN once they
are well thought through.

So, who's going to start this??

David Illsley

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