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Username: hmg
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 2:08 PM GMT
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Subject: One More Blunder for ICANN


                Sorry Mike Roberts, we won't be sorry to see you go!

I appreciate your responses to my questions directly by email to you, it is more stand up than what I get from my elected officials.

Spencer Abraham (former Senator from Michigan) is to head the Department of Commerce and Energy so don't expect any sympathy, he is the guy who brought the anti-cybersquatters bill to congress...the internet will crumble under this guys ideas.

The whole ICANN system of domains and trademarks is a joke and now this.....our children (who are really going to see the internet come to life) are going to look at the history books and laugh at the way properties and the speculation of knowing a good piece of property from a bad one and retaining it in hopes of landing a profit (the American Way..the way the D. Trumps and other property speculators made their successes) have lost their dreams to corporate buying of lawmakers and self made organizations who show no credible actions or decisions. I guess that Proctor and Gamble are the ONLY ones allowed to do so.

It was alleged that Proctor and Gamble at one time was registering 1000's of names per day.....yet I don't see them up in front of WIPO.

To this day if you check a .com domain name, you are asked if you also want to register the .org extension as well. ICANN, you should have put a stop to that long ago if you wanted to do something right about this issue.

When I register a domain and turn it over to my law firm for protection, the first thing my attorney asks me is "did you register the .net and .org extensions too for protection?".

You will never get away with this one, too many lawyers and consultants have told their clients to register all 3 extensions for protection.

In closing, this is total bafoonery, it goes totaly against your flimsy and un-constitutional means of protecting trademark holders on the net. Because as you seem to claim that internet users are so stupid that they can't tell if they are at a trademark holders sight or one that is similar.

I am going after and and start a Non-profit site for those who love these cars....we'll see what General Motors has to say about that!!!!!

ICANN get your house in order, because your really starting to make even more of a joke of yourselves that is when you will dye fast...we hope!

Thanks for the time to voice my concerns.


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