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Username: ccd
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 3:22 PM GMT
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Subject: Family names registered in .org


I look after a domain registered for a family.  It was registered in .org because the family is scattered around the world and wanted a long-lived name independent of individual members' current or future ISPs.

Our use is not for profit, and is within the spirit of RFC1591, and Network Solutions happily took our money.  Our web site is open to use by anyone else with the same name and, through it, parts of the family who didn't previously know they were related have found each other: this only happened because we registered under .org.  The family is not registered in the US as a not-for-profit organisation (most family members don't even live in the US, and our web site isn't based there).

There are very many similar families with .org names: if the effect of the ICANN proposals is to kick them all out of .org (or to make them spend a lot of money to stay), then I strongly oppose this.

I note that GNR's proposals for the new ".name" TLD make no provision for families as opposed to individuals (unless each family member is prepared to invest in his/her own individual domain registration and email forwarding, which would be prohibitively expensive - and that still doesn't provide for a central web site for the family).

So where else are such families supposed to go?  And who is going to pay their migration costs?

If ICANN and related bodies had shown some foresight, 2nd level domains such as "", "", and so on could have been created *before* the general public were encouraged to register domain names and line the pockets of Network Solutions, et al.  It is, of course, far too late for that now, but that doesn't justify stripping existing owners of the domain names they purchased legitimately.


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