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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 5:41 PM GMT
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Subject: Our Freedoms are in jeopardy!!!!!  To control a people, you restrict trade... Communism 101.


A republic style government is only as good as the trust it has between it's people and the government. If the Dept of Commerce allows this agreement to stand, then I fear that everything I fought for while serving in the military was for not. 

Hear me out.  It has to start somewhere.  The erosion of trust.  I may be off topic a bit here, but the taking of dot org is no different that a tyrannical government controlling flow of trade. This is a communist fundament belief, that they KNOW better than you! Do they?  It is time to stop Verisign...
Another contentious issue while not connected to this "dot org gate", is with the new TLDs.  They plan to institutute a TM protection scheme not recognized by any court in the US or in any other country for that matter...That is the Sunrise.  If they institutute this scheme, they will in a sense change TM law.  For the Sunrise, will make it easy for someone to claim absolute control over a domain, by simply having a piece of paper and a stamp (normal TM law is says, you must police your marks, and that you must use the mark..if you don't then you lose the right to use the TM...Not the case with the keep the TM'd domain).  The only recourse if you wanted to challenge the owner of the domain would be through WIPO...Not your own courts (you can, but right now WIPO is supreme).  That is why the princple of:  First Come, First Serve, is so vital to a capitalistic economy.  It (the first come, first serve principle) mirrors how capitalism works.  You have an idea, if your the first one, then you shall reap the rewards.  However you must be prepared to defend your mark, ONLY AFTER you have laid your "stake in the ground"...Not before.....The Sunrise is based on communism.....A mechanism controls the flow of trade and goods...Not the market!!!

Good day....I hope I've got you thinking about this...Do I?


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