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Username: Keithbrown
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 6:42 PM GMT
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Subject: Is something broken?


        There is a good deal of righteous indignation and outright
directed toward this proposed change in the .org TLD, much of it
better espoused by others, so I won't repeat what has been said
so eloquently by others.

But I do have one question: Is there something broken with the
.org TLD under the current system?

I'm wondering because it seems to me it works just fine. If one
was worried about squeezing out NPOs from a place on the
web, there might be a case for this proposal, tenuous though it
may be. However, you offer no such case to justify such a radical
departure from the current -- working -- system.

All I can glean from the proposal is that there is  a desire, on your
part, to change it. Just because. It's a proposal based on the
"Because that's the way We decided it should be" principle.

I'm not certain how you expect those of us with .org domains to
swallow that. Perhaps you can enlighten me. I'm sure I'm
missing some vital detail simply overlooked in your otherwise
fluffy and cheery proposal.

Many of us  who have .org domains are not NPOs, that much is
true. Many of us wish we could be. At least that way, our
operating costs would be paid for.

Many of us .org owners simply toss money down the toilet just to
keep and maintain these domains for no other purpose than we,
too, want to participate in the biggest revolution in human
communication since learning to  manipulate our vocal cords in
rhythmic patterns.

Offer us an explanation why this change is suddenly imperative,
or just leave the damn thing alone. It's not broke, and does not,
does NOT, need fixing.




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