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Username: kst
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 9:06 PM GMT
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Subject: Missing the point?


About 90% of the articles posted in this forum have focused
on one part of the proposed revisions, namely the suggested
changes to the .org TLD.  Certainly this is a problem,
especially for those of us with existing *.org domains.
I'm not sure what can meaningfully be added to what's already
been said on that topic.

My fear is that this is distracting us from what may be more
important points.  The real problems are the continuation of
VeriSign's monopoly of the .com registry, and the removal of
the requirement for separate ownership of the registry and
registrar businesses.

Network Solutions, now owned by VeriSign, has (allegedly)
abused its authority in the past.  The proposed agreement
allows them to continue doing so.  That's the important point.


Link: Proposed Revisions to VeriSign Agreements

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