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Username: totter3
Date/Time: Sun, March 4, 2001 at 1:41 AM GMT
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Subject: The latest news on the proposed .org debacle


  I guess I'm just missing the point but who are these people running ICANN?  The continued subservience to Network Solutions with this proposed .org debacle?  and then their laughable list of "new TLD's".....?

.aero - Air-transport industry
.biz - Businesses
.coop - Cooperatives National
.info - Unrestricted use
.museum - Museums
.name - For registration by individuals Global Name Registry
.pro - Accountants, lawyers, and physicians
WHO - came up with this?  Man, I hope whoever did reads this post because you are a shortsighted individual(s).

".museum"  ??  ".coop" ??  ".aero" ??   Now there are some TLD's people are scrambling for (insert sarcasm here)!  I'm sure it was a considerable work to compile this.... and this was for....???  .biz - I can see, maybe even .info, but the rest... GET A CLUE. 

  A little common sense and some command decisions from your agency would go a long way in strengthening the real Internet "Community".  How about some new TLD's that are actually useful .... like ".sex" or ".porn" to help enforce laws and protect our kids from the filth that is so easily accessible by children?  THAT IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING!  NOT HOPPING IN THE SACK WITH VERISIGN! 

Oh and go figure .... How about a ".npo" for Non-Profit Organizations?  You already blew it (thanks to Network Solutions) for enforcing the .org restrictions originally intended.  A new TLD is the only option - moving forward with VeriSign's new agreement proposals will be the death of Network Solutions (couldn't come too soon as far as I am concerned) and the death of ICANN.

Tim Otterbein       


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