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Username: dunos
Date/Time: Sun, March 4, 2001 at 12:02 AM GMT
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Subject: ICANN does not own the Internet


        ICANN has to remember that it doesnt own the Internet and that it cant make decisions that go against the strong feelings of the Internet community. This .org debacle is a perfect example. ICANN is NOT the governing body of the Internet and the way things are going had better bloody not be. Remember that if you annoy too many people then we, the Internet population, can change almost overnight to using a different set of root name servers and then control will be removed from your hands instantly. You will cease to exist and your power trip will have come to an end. You management of the domain name space is a disgrace and you are acting like spoilt children. It pains me to think that your board of directors is supposedly made up of unbiased intelligent people but from the look of it this is wholly untrue. Remember that American law has little to no affect in places and I for one refuse to be bound by your un-democratic decision making processes. How can you say what is right or wrong in a different country? How can you map your rules and regulations on to those that exist in another country when 9 times out of 10 the morals, ethics, and culture just dont allow for it?

I agree that the .org domain should be used for non-profit purposes but perhaps this should have been implemented when this TLD first became available. It is now too late. Just look at how many .org domains there now are and ask yourselves how you are going to quickly be able to police all those registrations without corruption? How can I as an individual register for non-profit organisation status? I am not an organisation, I am a person. Perhaps a solution would be to leave all the currently registered .org domains alone and only allow new registrations to be bound to this new set of terms and conditions. Even then how do I, a British citizen without affiliation to an organisation of any kind prove to an American, or other country, registrar that I am working non-profit?


Dan Durrans


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