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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Sun, March 4, 2001 at 12:22 AM GMT
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Subject: 'Consumer Confusion'


ICANN are ones responsible for causing trademark 'Consumer Confusion'

They do this deliberately.

It is one of the excuses they use to take peoples domains - including the .ORG complaint sites that they are now after.

They do so for reasons based on money and power, without any sense of Justice.

They know how to solve this problem.

Nearly ALL trademarks share a common word(s) with many others - even in same country.

For example, in the case of etoy and eToys (e prefix for Internet) - 1,685 trademarks share common word "toy" in USA alone.

There are tens of thousands of them in 200 other countries.

Logical, therefore, that ALL cannot use slight variations on this common word (as domain name) - else it would "infringe" upon others and cause "consumer confusion".

Those with a brain can see, nearly all domain names "infringe" upon others and cause "consumer confusion" - it is just bull* excuse.

The obvious answer to *make things legal* is

But big business (therefore ICANN) do not like it!

Example domino pizza in US would be:

This acts as certificate of authentication (id tag) and directory - the .COMs could still be used.

This is the EASIEST way to solve ALL the problems:

Cybersquatting - authorised trademarks only

Coming across sex sites by accident

Consumer confusion - easily found and identified

TM Fraud - it serves as a certificate of authentication

No need to police domains for trademarks (bad news for attorneys)

If you can use the telephone, then you can use dot REG

Though ICANN policy (UDRP) SAY they have good ideals - to protect trademarks on the Internet - this is a bare-faced LIE.

Only those unable to progress ideas through to conclusion would believe them.

They only give certain trademarks an illegal dominant position and create a 'cash cow' for their friends in the legal profession.

This is demonstrably true and was the obvious intention.

Those in pocket of big business would say otherwise.

This new ICANN proposal adds another way to get rid of an annoyance - the .ORG complaint sites.

I dare ICANN to prove this considered and informed opinion wrong.

They will not - methinks they are cowards!


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