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Username: ceebee
Date/Time: Sun, March 4, 2001 at 4:10 PM GMT
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Subject: This badly thought-out plan is in the interests of nobody


      If the .org plans are to go ahead, it is going to destroy the visitor base of so many good sites and subject the owners to the unnecessary expense and hassle of finding another domain, probably in the already overcrowded .com and .net TLDs.

      I can see limited reasoning behind this decision - I do think .org domains should be available only to individuals or organisations which do not profit from the site at their .org domain name, but forcing every .org domain owner to actually register for non-profit status.

      I can't think why big businesses making huge amounts of money would want an .org domain name, so why make everyone else suffer? Will you be restricting .com domain names to registered companies and .net domains to Internet businesses soon, I wonder?

      Please, I urge you to see sense and scrap these plans, ASAP!


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