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Username: ambient
Date/Time: Sun, March 4, 2001 at 7:25 PM GMT
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Subject: Genius


              First off, there are many intelligent people on this forum. You seem to be moderately intelligent, but also seem to be lacking some information here. Allow me to enlighten you.

      The number of .org domain owners affected by this decision will outweigh the number of people employed by the VeriSign corporation in the Registry division. Simple mathematics and easy logic here. What about the people employed by these .org owners? What about their rent and their kids? You said it yourself: "Does anyone ever think about the impact one small thing can have on many many people?" Maybe you should listen to yourself, and think about it.

     NSI was chosen by the U.S. government, at one point, to both maintain the Registry Database and act as the sole registrar of the .com, .net, .org, and .edu gTLDs. VeriSign/NSI is a *corporation*, not an organization. Their purpose is to make money. This stifled competition and *was* unfair to others. Remember AT&T? VeriSign should in no way be involved in the Registry maintenance. They should act as all other Registrars do, as their goal is merely profit.
     Everyone seems to desire an outcome that benefits the majority. In this case, the people benefiting from these decisions are the minority and the people being damaged in some shape or form make up the majority. That is why this is a big deal.

     Yes, we are the same people that cried monopoly. It was a monopoly and to some extent still is! And, need I not forget, we didn't get the government involved. The government has been involved since day ONE. Where do you think the Internet was spawned? (You should read your history, my friend.) ICANN is making some bad decisions and we're here to let them know it. Where are you?

In Response to:

    First I would like to say from what I have read half of you are using this as another NSI bitchfest. Well the registry and registrar are 2 different things and I don't believe half of you techboobs understand that.
Oh my .org, poor me, well think about the people who pay thier rent and feed their children from jobs supplied by NSI/Verisign. What happens to them when a part of a corporation has to shut down to be fair. So you can keep .org family name or whatever. Does anyone ever think about the impact one small thing can have many many people? No it is always about me me me.Your not hurting corporations they will find something else to buy, sell or abuse.
You are the same people that cried monoply and dragged ICANN into it begin with now it is unfair and BLA!BLA!BLA!. Should have kept your big mouths shut in beginning and you would not have to deal with the government restictions. What did you think was going to happen when the government got envolved they are always messing up things that worked well without them.


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