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Username: genius
Date/Time: Sun, March 4, 2001 at 11:02 PM GMT
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Subject: re: when an international TLD is restricted to USA NPOs


>>It seems that some are bashing US in general....
Who wouldn't? :) seriously though, the whole thing seems to be USA-Centric, when an international TLD is restricted to USA NPOs.
[end quote]

Who sensible would??  While I agree w/ many of your points, and see the WWW for what it should be...just that, and widely unregulated, you must realize if you are at all being objective that just as many people on this side of the ocean are going to get screwed by this also.  In this case, you must be able to sensibly seperate ignorant gov't polices w/ the avg. joe holding a domain.  I will be negatively affected by this....and I am amazed at all the ignorance involved by the parties making these decisions.  BUT, I also take offense to criticism that because I am an American that I am somehow getting preferential treatment out of this...or I don't understand the issues involved...or have nothing to lose from this.  That is completely incorrect.


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