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Username: hmg
Date/Time: Mon, March 5, 2001 at 12:04 AM GMT
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Subject: Restrictions of TLD's Revised


If you are mad about the .org considerations by ICANN, you should have been concerned about the "first come-first served" registrations of .com extensions taken by so called trademark holders!

If Donald Trump or William Clay Ford were told that you were entitled to any piece of property in the world for x amount of dollars per year, they would own us all!

The tech saavy people who sit at their kitchen table with mustard stains on their shirts and no real desire to compete with the wall street stiffs saw a way to become a Donald Trump or a William Clay Ford and were smarter in the domain grab than both of them put together!

Yet, they had THEIR piece of the pie stripped of them like they are the sh*t of the earth cybersquatter!

Where were all of you .org people years ago when all of us mustard stain shirt losers were trying to win what we deserve on the internet?

The internet is not a medium designed to promote trademarks and big business!

Where in the hell have all of you been, if this response was made to ICANN on their lame excuses for taking peoples property long ago, they would be asking us what we wnat to do about the .org extensions and listening.

Boycott big business on the internet, read the decisions made by WIPO and let people know that they are losing their consitutional rights everytime a domain is taken from someone.

You don't have to be a domaian name speculator to get mad at the issues of need be merely an American who believes in your freedom and that government listens to you.

What the hell is a cybersquatter anyway, I guess its someone who was told they could have any domain they wanted by the US government "first come-first served", then have it taken away by the corporations who really run the government process later without compensation!

I am glad to see that some are finally awakened to the reality of what has been taking place for years now!

Trademarks are useless on the internet, except for lawyers, politicians, and ICANN.

I know when I am at a trademark holders site or not, thank you for your protection...but I dont need it!

I am happy that this issue has addresses itself because I don't see it being any different than someone trying to take my "first come-first served" .com rights away from me either!

Thanks ICANN, I always knew YOU would screw yourselves in the end!!!!!



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