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Username: kent
Date/Time: Mon, March 5, 2001 at 12:47 AM GMT
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Subject: Unfortunate irrelevancies from Muelle


1.  You have misrepresented the "original intention".  What is beyond dispute is as follows:

a. .org was originally intended to be for organizations (hence the name);

b. commercial entities were intended to go in .com (hence the name).

So the undisputed "original definition" of .org is: a catchall TLD for non-commercial organizations.

Moreover, this entire discussion is more or less nonsense.  The fact is that mention of "non-profit" organizations only occurs in discussion papers; none of the formal documents mention it; and moreover, Joe Sims, on the Names Council list, quite clearly states that no policy changes would be made without extensive public debate.  (See .org would be transferred to a new owner only after a long and exhaustive public discussion had taken place on any policy issues.


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